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Affordable Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Throughout Canberra

At Like New, we’re the experts when it comes to making your residential or commercial space look better than ever. Our exceptional tile cleaning service can breathe new life into your space and leave it looking flawless. Regardless of whether you need to impress visitors or simply want to enjoy a home that is free of dust and dirt, we are the experts to call.

Notice the difference with our tile and grout solutions

As dirt and grime builds up over time, it can be hard to really notice just how dull and unclean your tiles have become. That is, until you invest in our professional yet highly affordable tile and grout cleaning services.

Whether you have vinyl, marble, terracotta or slate flooring, or need your driveway or garage cleaned, we have the tools, skill and experience necessary to make your property look as good as new with our solutions.

Our process involves…

  • Conducting a free onsite quote.
  • Inspection of your surfaces for any chipped or cracked tiles before the cleaning process begins.
  • Application of a cleaning solution to the entire area.
  • Hot high pressure water tools and a powered extraction system are then used to remove residue from your flooring.
  • We fully dry your tiles before leaving, meaning that you can see results instantly.
  • If necessary, we also apply a grout sealant that will assist in maintaining the floor’s spotless appearance.

Tile Cleaning and More

Like New is proud to offer an extensive range of premium carpet and tile cleaning services to our valued customers. Our gentle yet extremely effective formulas rid your furniture and flooring of any dust, fifth and grime, making their colours appear brighter and the overall cleanliness of your room much more hygienic.

We also have a range of comprehensive solutions available for those times when you need the house to be spotless for events such as your rental inspection or pre-sale buyer walk throughs.


Get In Touch Today

For more information on any of our carpet steam and specialist low cost cleaning services available throughout Canberra and the surrounding suburbs, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 725 306 or after hours on 0404 555 066

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