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Taking Care of Tiles

Sometimes, tiles can prove to be the deal breaker for a home. As well as looking great, tiles are extremely durable and react to temperature effectively to ensure you’re not too hot or cold at any time. However, tiles can sometimes be a little tricky to clean, and when dirty, they’re rather unappealing to the eye. Make sure you know how to take care of your floor tiles with our hot cleaning tips!

Cleaning 101

Let’s be straightforward: it actually isn’t very hard to clean tiles at all. However, whatever you do, don’t attack dirty tiles with a cleaner that isn’t meant for whatever type of material your tile is made from – for instance, cleaning tiles with an enamel cleaner is bound to end in tears.

For a quick and easy cleaning solution to your dirty ceramic or porcelain tiles, make sure you sweep or vacuum any loose dust or debris, then get stuck into them with clean water and a mild detergent. Try to avoid sponge mops as they tend to push dirty water into grout lines, making your job even harder. Be sure to change the water as often as possible to avoid giving your tiles a cloudy texture.

When it comes to drying your tiles, it’s best to not let them air-dry – air-drying tiles often creates water spots.  Wipe over your tiles with a clean cloth straight after washing them.

What about Stones?

While porcelain and ceramic tiles aren’t too hard to get clean, surfaces such as granite, sandstone and marble are a little bit difficult to tidy up. Try to avoid traditional cleaners, as they contain chemicals which can damage the surface of your tiles, and keep your eyes peeled for cleaners made for natural stone.

If you have slate tiles, most detergents should be fine – just stray away from cleaners with acidic properties like vinegar or lemon. Marble and granite, however, often require a specialist cleaner to get the job done properly.

How to Clean Tile Grout

Although tile grout can often look a bit gross when it gets dirty, it’s actually one of the easiest parts to clean on tiles! We recommend making a paste out of baking soda and water, rubbing it on the stain and letting it sit overnight, then scrubbing it in the morning with a nylon brush. Simple!

Need a little bit more help? Give us a call and we’ll get your tiles clean in no time.


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