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Securing Your Bond Back with These Clever Wall Cleaning Tips

There’s more to end of lease than simply cleaning. Are you in the process of moving out of a rental property, only to find that the cleaning you thought was going to be an easy job has become more than you can handle? Whether you’re moving out of a large family home or a smaller high-rise apartment, knowing how to remove tough spots and remnants of your habitation can be the lifesaver that sees you through the end of lease clean, and secures your bond back. Like New Cleaning has the expert’s tips on how to ace the little details.

Removing stick-on hooks from the wall

So, you committed the crime of installing your own stick-on hooks. If you were forward thinking enough to invest in damage-free hooks, simply unclip the hook, and pull at the tab below. This will see the sticky bit come undone without causing any damage to the wall. If you realise that your stick-on hooks are not of the damage-free variety, don’t panic, and above all – don’t pull at them. If you do, you can risk taking paint and plaster with you – creating a whole other level of trouble.

If you haven’t already packed everything you own into boxes, simply grab some floss from the bathroom, give yourself a comfortable length of floss, and slice the hooks off the walls. You’ll be amazed at how simple and effective it is. Once you’ve sliced it clean off the wall, simply use some soap and warm water to gently remove any sticky remnants.

In the future, only buy the slightly more expensive damage-free hooks for your next home.

Removing blue tack

Blue tack is an old favourite (especially with university students) who don’t have hooks galore to hang their posters and paintings. But over time, blue tack can become stubborn, and harder to remove. What was once a soft, sticky ball is suddenly hard, and breaks into smaller pieces when you try to remove it. Save yourself time and simply use a small piece of blue tack to unstick the tack on the wall. The tack will stick to itself rather than the wall. You’ll be amazed at the time and effort it saves you, and the rental agent will never know it was there at all.

Take pictures before moving in

If you haven’t done so for the property you’re vacating, then make sure you do so for the next one. Taking pictures of all cosmetic imperfections in your new home before moving in gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve got proof to protect you if the property managers tries to pin it on you.

Get professionals to help you out

With bond-back guarantees, affordable pricing and a professional’s eye regarding the things property owners and managers look for once you’ve vacated, you’re likely to avoid any delays in having your bond returned by hiring professional cleaners to begin with. Most important perhaps, is having an expert help you deep clean wall-to-wall carpets.


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