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Like New Carpet Cleaning Canberra know the carpets in your home are a long term investment and can assist you in ensuring the longevity of your asset is optimised.

Like new suggests that its customers should seek to have their carpets professionally steam cleaned every 6-12months.

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction cleaning, is basically hot water injected into your carpet, pulling the dirt, dust and germs to the surface. It is then extracted using high pressured suction from the truck mounted machine.

We target the dirt that wears the carpet away, as well as the staining that can make them undesirable to look at. We can apply carpet protection to help minimise the damage of future spills and offer useful tips for keeping your carpet looking its best for as long as possible, Synthetic fibres like acrylics, nylons and polyesters as well as natural carpet fibres like wool respond fantastically to our cleaning process.

About Our Cleaning Methods

Steam cleaning is the most popular method. This kind of cleaning doesn’t actually use steam but instead uses high pressure to push very hot water, along with a cleaning solution, into carpet. The resulting moisture is then removed via suction, and the carpet needs at least 24 hours to fully dry. This is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

Like New can also offer a low moisture cleaning solution for those customers who prefer this method and for hard to access apartments. “low moisture” or “encapsulation” cleaning, uses a chemical solution and minimal water for a quicker clean, but can’t reach as deep as powerful wet cleaning methods. Drying times are also quicker for this method and customers don’t need to wait as long before walking on their carpet.

Our Service

  • In and around the Canberra region
  • Carpet steam or dry cleaning and carpet protection
  • Tile and grout cleaning and sealing
  • Upholstery cleaning and protection
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning and protection
  • High pressure cleaning e.g. concrete, pavers,
  • Shower recess and walls pressure cleaning and mould removal
  • Window and solar panel cleaning
  • Strip and resealing e.g. slate, terracotta, marble, stone, concrete, stencil crete,
  • End-of-Lease and pre-sale Cleaning
  • Rubbish removal Lawn mowing edging weeding pruning gutter cleaning
  • Small maintenance jobs e.g. paint doors or a wall small repairs
  • End of Lease House Cleaning

    Like New works with many real estate agents in the Canberra region and have built a good reputation for getting those end of lease carpets and tiles looking Like New. We provide receipts for all our services which is a bond requirement for the majority of end of lease carpet cleaning in Canberra.


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    For more information on any of our carpet steam and specialist low cost cleaning services available throughout Canberra and the surrounding suburbs, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 725 306 or after hours on 0404 555 066

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