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Like New Cleaning’s Sharehouse Survival Guide

If you’re under the age of 30 and live in a city around Australia, then there’s a strong chance you’ll have housemates at some point in your life. With housing prices on the constant rise and the cost of smashed avocado on toast following suit, more and more millennials are turning towards alternative shared housing solutions instead of saving their pennies for a run-down unit in the suburbs and an ominously looming mortgage. However, sharehouses can easily become hell on earth if they’re left to become unclean, and you may find the tidiness of your house can affect your relationships with your housemates. Spare yourselves of the passive aggressive bickering and follow our tips to keeping your sharehouse clean! 

Write up a Cleaning Schedule

Force yourself to be organised by penning a cleaning roster than evenly distributes tasks between all your housemates. Best dictated during a boozy house meeting, this roster will make the world of difference to keeping things tidy around the house, and by spreading chores out between a group, it’ll make your job feel like a breeze if followed correctly.

Wash your own damn dishes!

Trust us, there is nothing worse than a housemate who cooks up a big batch of saucy pasta and leaves the pans in the sink to ‘soak.’ Don’t be that person. Dishes don’t get clean by soaking, they get clean by BEING CLEANED! Do your own dishes, unless one of your housemates has cooked you a delicious dinner and you feel obliged to pay them back.

On that note, don’t horde dishes in your room either – it’s plain annoying and bound to attract unwanted pests in your bedroom. Go socialise and eat at the table like a human being!

Keep outside areas tidy

Often, the most neglected area of a sharehouse tends to be the outside area. While the phrase ‘business at the front, party at the back’ works well for mullets, the same principles don’t apply for houses. Bite the bullet, and invest in a lawn mower to keep the hedge down so the neighbours don’t whinge to your landlord about you, and make sure you throw away your empties!

Finding it too hard to clean up?

Sometimes, you might need a bit of help when situations get sticky. If your sharehouse could use a healthy carpet steam or scrub up for the tiles, get in touch with Like New Cleaning today!


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