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Like New Cleaning’s Must Have Party Cleaning Tips

Had a Big Night?

Some things in life are unavoidable – death, taxes, and having to endure a brutal clean up after a party when you’re in a slightly haggard state. Although there’s a distinctive correlation between the best parties and the worst clean ups, sometimes, things can get unexpectedly out of hand, and you mind need to muster all your efforts to hide the damages before any housemates, partners or – gulp – parents return home. Don’t sweat it – just follow our hot tips, and your house will be sparkling clean in no time!

Mop/Disinfect the Kitchen and Bathrooms First

At most house parties, the kitchen is a thriving hub for social activity and drink preparation, which inevitably means by the end of the night it’ll be a sticky mess. The bathroom… well, you shouldn’t need that explained to you. Make sure you clean these rooms first to allow them to dry out in the harrowing morning sun while you struggle with the rest of the house. Use a disinfectant when mopping the bathroom floor, and be sure to get rid of all stickiness/drink rings in and around the kitchen with soapy warm water.

Keep your Eyes Peeled for Stains

Stains after a party are inevitable – it doesn’t matter what caused them, you’ve just got to be ready to deal with them. Stains are easier to remove when they’re fresh, so you definitely want to watch out for any sticky marks while you look over the house. They’re probably going to appear on couches, tables and floors in and outside the house, so make sure you have all the necessary tools to remove them – be it carpet cleaner, Windex, or a blowtorch.

Double Check the Bedrooms

Just like the kitchen, bedrooms always seem to attract thrives of social activities during the course of a party, and it’s not uncommon to find bottles or food scraps scattered throughout them. No one wants a housemate or partner come home to find a slice of half eaten pizza tucked under their pillow – it’s always best to double check the bedrooms for unwanted post-party debris. Better yet, lock them so they can’t attract unwanted guests before you kick off!

Mess too Much to Handle?

Look, it happens – we’re not here to judge, we’re here to clean. Get in touch with Like New Cleaning to schedule a visit from our expert cleaning team today.


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