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Window and Solar Panel Cleaning


Cleaning your windows can be a timely task, but with the right experts and the right professional equipment, it’s really worth it to improve the overall appearance of your home, office or shopfront.

In pre-sale cleaning and end of lease cleaning it is usually an absolute must to get all of those windows sparkling as most real estates require them to be cleaned. For a pre-sale cleaning it makes your home stand out from the crowd. A clean window will make your home shine, while dirty ones will also stand out.

Solar panel cleaning is the best way to keep your solar system efficient, by cleaning them every six to twelve months. This reduces them being weak. It has been proven in tests done by different companies that just by being dirty your solar system can lose 10% to 40% of its efficiency depending on how dirty they are.

And if you think the rain cleans them, well it doesn’t. It may remove some dirt but it leaves hard water deposits behind and eventually will etch into the top layer of the panels and reduce the efficiency. Keeping them professionally cleaned is the best way to keep them running smoothly. We are fully insured and all work is carried out both safely and professionally while you keep two feet on the ground.

We can apply a proven solution to help reduce them from getting dirty. We do this with all glass and shower screens mirrors as this amazing method reduces water beading which stops much of the build-up, keeping them cleaner for longer.



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